Ring Sizing Guide

The most common size for Ladies is a size 7 and for Men it is a size 10. You can either measure the inner diameter of one of your own rings or wrap a piece of string around your finger to get the circumference of your ring size (please note that this isn't a very reliable way of measuring your ring size.)

If you are unsure, pop into your nearest Jeweller and they can accurately measure your ring size.

Remember you need to take the knuckle into consideration when sizing. In some cases the bottom of your finger may be smaller than your knuckle. When purchasing a ring with a wider band you should choose a size ½ -1 size larger.


LETTERS              NUMBERS              INNER DIAMETER              CIRCUMFERENCE

J, K, L                         5                                15.7mm                                     49.3mm

L, M, N                       6                                16.5mm                                     51.8mm

N, O, P                       7                                 17.3mm                                     54.4mm

P, Q, R                        8                                18.1mm                                      56.9mm

R, S, T                        9                                 18.9mm                                      59.5mm

T, U, V                      10                                 19.8mm                                     62.1mm


Click here for a printable ring sizing guide


Please note there are no refunds if you choose the wrong size, exchanges only.