La Lune Collective

La Lune Jewellery is made by hand and heart in Australia. Our unique pieces are designed by maker and creator of La Lune Jewellery, Shannon McMaster.

Everything we do from the design, to the cutting, soldering, casting, setting and polishing, down to the packaging, and even the labeling is done so with love and care. Each piece is constructed using Recycled, Australian Metals and Freshwater Pearls.

We believe in creating unique and timeless jewellery you can wear for years to come. As a small business, we are passionate about learning, improving and committing to a sustainable brand and practice these beliefs across packaging, hand making and business operations.

We use 100% recyclable and reusable packaging made from FSC® certified materials. We invest in Carbon Neutral Shipping, and the use of recycled metals in the hand making process. All of the metals we used are recycled by melting down off-cuts, giving new life to jewellery. Majority of our jewellery is made-to-order, which helps us minimise wastage, overproduction and landfill.



Known for creating delicate, fine jewellery with simple and elegant design, Shannon’s love for her craft is second to none. Her journey started in 2017 when she was living in Canada, and spending her afternoons fossicking for crystals within the beautiful mountains in her backyard. She found so many unique and beautiful gems, and wanted to wear them as jewellery.

Self-taught, it wasn’t long before Shannon’s hobby of hand making jewellery turned into her passion. Soon, trips home to Australia meant travelling to Opal mines in search of new Gemstones. In 2018, she left Canada and embarked on a 37,000km road trip around North America, collecting gemstones, learning about their stories and meeting miners along the way. Fast forward to 2023, La Lune Jewellery has found its new home on the Gold Coast, Australia.