Moss Agate Necklace
Moss Agate Necklace


Moss Agate Necklace

Natural Moss Agate gemstone handcrafted in Australian Sterling Silver 

Moss Agate size is 1.3cm x 1.9cm on 45cm chain 

Moss Agate Healing Properties ||

Moss Agate can create harmony in your life. If you feel like everything is a mess at work and with your personal life, this crystal can help you make sense of things and figure out just what you need to do.

It will make you feel confident that even if things are not going well right now, everything will be okay when the right time comes.

Moss Agate will get rid of the stresses of your lifestyle or the pressures of society.

Moss Agate can relieve your body from the demands of your job, your relationships, and even yourself! It will remind you that you need taking care of, too.