Meet the Maker

Australian handmade sustainable jewellery

La Lune Collective is jewellery inspired in the foothills of Whistler, Canada and now perfect on the shores of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
I'm Shannon, the maker and creator of La Lune Collective. My journey with La Lune Collective started in 2017 with my love for stones, their healing powers, their different inner strengths and the emotional balances that each stone supports. That combined with my discomfort for the freezing Canadian winters but for which I held such fondness of their beauty, lead me to pass the winter months awaiting Summer's glory with my new found hobby of silver smithing. And with that La Lune Collective was born!
It wasn’t long before my hobby turned into my passion then obsession. Soon trips home to Australia not only meant with family and loved ones but also visits to Opal mines and those alike. 
What began as a hobby making jewellery for myself and friends escalated as demand grew. My gorgeous friends helped advertising by wearing my rings through the various restaurants in the Whistler village. I soon gained a reputation by word of mouth and this popularity meant I could tinker away on my beloved passion.
In 2018 my 6 years in Canada came to an end. I was then fortunate enough to go on a 37,000km road trip around North America, collecting beautiful gemstones and meeting miners along the way. Each gemstone from La Lune has a story behind it and is ethical sourced. 
I am now living by the beach on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and still tinkering away (now that I don't have to hibernate from the cold). You can find me at the local weekend markets on the Sunshine Coast. 
But THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for everyone who supports and continues to support my passion - La Lune Collective.
Shannon xx